You Can Now Buy Your iMac With An SSD Inside It

For all those who discriminate against hard drives with moving parts, the iMac hasn’t been a very good option for you. That is until now, where Apple has finally added the option to replace the default slow 1TB 5400 RPM hard drive with a quick 256GB or 512GB SSD for $300 and $600.

Before today, the storage options you could choose for the iMac weren’t too hot. On the 21 inch iMac it was previously impossible to get only a solid state drive inside it. You could either go with the default 1TB 5400 RPM drive, or you could upgrade it to a 1TB “fusion drive” for an additional $250. (For those who don’t know, the fusion drive is a sort of hybrid SSD and hard drive that includes 128GB of SSD storage as well as 1TB of standard hard drive storage.)

For the 27 inch iMac, the only SSD option was a 768GB SSD for a cool $900. Not exactly an option most customers are interested in.

$300 for a 256GB SSD is still quite expensive as far as SSDs go, but with Apple’s nearly impossible to take apart iMac, you’ll definitely want to pony up the cash if fast storage is something you’re going to be concerned about.

Order your built-to-order iMac from the online Apple Store.

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