Upcoming 2013 Macs To Include Super Fast 802.11ac ‘5G Wi-Fi’

The Next Web is reporting that Apple has struck a deal with Broadcom to bring incredibly fast 802.11ac networking to the company’s upcoming lineup of computers.

802.11ac has been referred to by many as ‘5G Wi-Fi’. The technology allows for “faster throughput, higher capacity, wider coverage and improved power efficiency.” The current networking standard of 802.11n can provide connections of up to 450mbps with three antennas, while 802.11ac can easily reach the same speeds with one antennae and can reach speeds of 1.3gps when it uses three.

The Broadcom chip is reportedly still in development, however, and not immediately ready for mass production. The report claims that the plan is for the chip to be ready for the upcoming Mac lineup; however it is unknown whether the chips will find their way into other Apple products such as the iPhone and Apple TV.

Apple adopting a new and improved technology like 802.11ac should be a great thing for both consumers and other tech companies alike. A massive company like Apple can easily help the technology take off and gain popularity with the hope of quickly making it an industry standard. This will lead to companies developing products and accessories with 802.11ac in mind and will eventually bring the world a more enjoyable, capable and faster Internet experience.

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