Unreal 3 engine SDK coming for Mac developers

Gaming fans should be pleased to hear that Epic’s Unreal 3 Engine SDK is making its way into the hands of Mac developers. The Unreal 3 Engine already exists both on OS X and iOS, and we’ve been enjoying games built upon its technology. It wasn’t until the latest version of the Unreal SDK (the stuff developers use to make Unreal 3 games) that Mac support was included, and Epic says that all games built with the Unreal 3 tech can run natively on the Mac.

Games won’t magically just run, however; they still need to be ported, of course, but what this means is that the porting process becomes easier and quicker (not to mention cheaper, which is a big deciding factor in whether your favorite games migrate to Macintosh from Windows or consoles).

The Unreal series, known best for its jaw-dropping graphics, has had something of a hit and miss history with the Mac. The original Unreal, released in 1998, was ported to the Mac along with a number of other games that shared the engine. As companies came and went, the series (and the technology ¬†under its hood) also ebbed and flowed, but this latest update to the SDK is probably the best way to ensure that many more Unreal 3 games will come to the Mac. The technology is already being used to develop for iOS, and is the engine behind last year’s hit, Infinity Blade.

Source: TUAW

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