Twitter For Mac Gets First Update Since 2011

Twitter’s official Mac app received its first update in nearly two years today, bringing with it retina support as well as photo-sharing enhancements.

Prior to this, Twitter for Mac, which is available on the Mac App Store, last received an update in June 2011. Because of this, many assumed that Twitter had stopped working on it completely. The new update is still fairly minor, however, and brings with it retina screen support, a new interface for sharing photos, and 14 new languages.

Twitter for Mac originally started as “Tweetie”, a third-party Twitter client that Twitter then purchased and turned into its official Mac app.

Perhaps this is the start of a regular cycle of updates for the app, as one of Twitter’s lead designers Ben Sandofsky announced on Twitter that he would be switching his current focus from Twitter’s iOS apps to Twitter for Mac.

There are still a number of popular Twitter clients for desktop that you can find, so even if you aren’t too fond of Twitter for Mac, you should still be able to find something else that works for you in apps like Tweetbot.

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