Skype 5.8 For Mac Now Available, Ready For Mountain Lion

The newest version of Skype for Mac has recently been released and fully supports Apple’s next desktop release, Mountain Lion. It’s growing popularity is quickly leading Skype towards becoming a top choice in communication. Some of the new features in Skype 5.8 include:

Simpler Way to Manage Contact Lists:
Similar to the Skype 2 contact list, Skype 5.8 allows users to view the online status of all Skype contacts and organize them any way desired. It’s easy to look through groups like Online or Family and also easy to communicate with any contact simply by right clicking and selecting from the options to call, instant message, or send SMS, files, or information about a contact.

Options to Turn Off Automatic Updates:
It can get annoying when you’re being bombarded with new updates. Skype 5.8 lets you choose if you want automatic updates or not simply by checking or not checking the Update Skype Automatically option.

Group Screen Sharing for Premium Subscribers:
In addition to the already-supported group conference calls, Skype 5.8 now allows screen sharing with those groups, with a limit to groups of 10. The best part about this is that only one member of the call needs to be a premium subscriber for all members to enjoy the benefits of this new feature.

Other new and improved features to Skype 5.8:

  • Ability to double-click during a video conference to jump to full-screen mode
  • Option to disable birthday notifications
  • Better support for portrait orientation when talking with contacts using Skype on a tablet or mobile device
  • Entering a phone number in the search field will now call that number
  • Using a shortcut key, you can now send an SMS message to any number

Krishna Panicker, the product manager for Skype for Mac, spoke to Macworld about these new updates and also hinted that more updates are in the works, including the possible return of multiple windows for IM conversations. All in all, the already popular Skype continues to improve, which will only make it more accessible for both personal and business use.

Source: Macworld and GigaOM
Image Credit: Socialnomics

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