Rumor: Ivy Bridge To Launch April 23rd


DigiTimes is reporting that “Sources from notebook players” have said that Intel is planning on moving up its official announcement of its upcoming Ivy Bridge platform from April 29th to April 23rd.

Along with this comes a ton of Johnny-Come-Latelys to the thin notebook party that Intel likes to call “Ultrabooks.” It’s a silly name and an even sillier concept. Apple has made it quite clear that the MacBook Air is where it sees all notebooks going on the whole. It is only a matter of time until we see a thin MacBook Pro. It is a natural evolution of computers — not a new category.

In any case, Intel’s long-awaited Ivy Bridge platform will herald new and faster computers from everyone, and that includes Apple. We’re bound to see some of the overdue hardware get a refresh on the Apple Store.

Have you been holding out on updating your hardware until the Apple/Intel refresh? Waiting for that PCI Express 3.0 standard to hit? Tell us why you’ve been waiting for Ivy Bridge by leaving a comment below this post. I bought an iMac in December, and I’ve been incredibly happy with it — I’m glad I didn’t wait. Let’s cook up a discussion about this. We want to hear from you!

Source: DigiTimes
Image Credit: Chris Morriss

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