Office 2011 Updated With Retina Display Support

While Microsoft recently said that they had no plans to upgrade Office 2011 apps with Retina compatibility anytime soon, it looks as if they’ve already changed their stance on that topic. Today all Office 2011 apps have been given Retina compatibility. Users can update Office 2011 via AutoUpdate, Microsoft’s proprietary software updating program for OS X. If you don’t have AutoUpdate enabled on your Mac, you can upgrade by launching any Office application and clicking on the help tab. You will then see an option labeled “Check for Updates”. Click on this option to upgrade to Office 2011 version 14.2.4.

This is definitely a huge upgrade for those using the new MacBook Pro with Retina display for work and school purposes. We should see the rest of the Mac lineup receive Retina display upgrades in the coming months, so it’s nice to see Microsoft getting ready for the future. Finally, it’s also nice to see that Microsoft is still actively upgrading Office for Mac as they recently stated that OS X would not be invited to the Office 2013 party.

Need another reason to purchase a MacBook Pro with Retina display? Here you go.

Source: MacNN

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