New Mountain Lion Beta Adds Do Not Disturb Feature


We wrestle with iOS notifications quite a bit here at Macgasm, especially when it comes to unsolicited iMessages. It seems like the new beta version of Mountain Lion has addressed the problem of over-notifying us when we’re trying to concentrate a little bit.9to5 Mac has managed to uncover a nice ‘Do Not Disturb’ toggle within Notification Center that lets users hide alerts and banners and stop the constant notification nags while working. Once toggled on, a new icon appears in the menu bar, giving customers a quick visual reference to identify whether or not their notifications have been muted.Pretty nifty stuff. While the introduction of Notification Center in Mountain Lion is a welcome addition, I’d be lying if I said that the notifications didn’t worry me a little. I’m pretty easily distracted, so being able to pause the notices while I’m working is a huge plus for me.


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