Macworld Goes Hands On With Retina MacBook Pro

Macworld‘s Jason Snell has gone hands on with the new Retina MacBook Pro, and has written up some of his thoughts on the next-generation device. He spends some time filling us in on his initial thoughts (it’s not a full review). There are some things that stand out that we wanted to pass along:

And then there’s the display, a mindblowing 2880-by-1800-pixel screen that looks like a 1440-by-900 model–except for the fact that there are four pixels for every one on the older display. Just as on the iPad and iPhone, a retina display offers incredibly smooth, clear text and images with startling detail.

All in all he seems to be pretty impressed with it so far, although we’d love to know a little bit more about how the web looks in Safari, and whether or not images and photos online look as blurry as they do on the iPad.

Anyway, we just wanted to send you over to Macworld to check out his original thoughts. I won’t be getting on of these any time soon, so I’ll be providing some updated links to others’ reviews when the come down the pipeline.

Read Hands on with the Retina MacBook Pro over on Macworld.

Image Credit: Pocket-Lint

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