Mac Mini Rivals 2010 Mac Pro in Performance

It seems Apple’s miniature desktop offering is continuing to close the distance between it and the company’s professional geared desktop product, the Mac Pro. The newly released Mac mini has received a benchmark performance rating that matches the 2010 version of Apple’s Mac Pro, while still remaining a significantly cheaper, smaller and lighter product.

Since the 2010 model was released, the Mac Pro product line has received just one minor upgrade that slightly improved the computer’s processor and RAM. The Mac mini has been revised and improved multiple times during this same time frame.

The Mac Pro continues to receive criticism due to its lack of now standard Apple computer features, such as Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 ports.¬†Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has hinted in the past that a significant update may arrive for the Mac Pro in the coming year, although others speculate that the company may just choose to kill the product entirely.

Fans of the Mac Pro continue to wait on an upgrade to the product that will help modernize and upgrade the aging desktop, while Mac mini fans remain delighted with their constantly improving product line.

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