Limited Edition “Steve Jobs Apple Logo” MacBook Being Auctioned Off For Charity

You’ve likely seen the image, a silhouette of Jobs against the famous Apple logo, circulating the Internet shortly after Jobs’ passing a year ago. Since then the image has been used as wallpapers, avatars, and a host of other things. Jonathan Makin, the artist responsible for creating the image, has teamed up with Get It Done, and SellAnApp to auction off a MacBook that has been modded to incorporate the design in place of the traditional lid plate that has a normal Apple logo.

The computer has a reserve price of €9,500 and all proceeds from the auction will be shared between the Get It Done charity and the SellAnApp organization. If you’re interested in picking up the modded MacBook, head over to and place your bid. The auction currently sits at approximately €11000,00 ($14,172.15 USD). There are three laptops available in the lot. Good luck breaking the bank on this one.

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