Iconic white MacBook put out to pasture, no longer sold to educational institutions

Back in June we wrote an article about Apple’s iconic white MacBook being scheduled for deletion. At the time, we said, “Why do we think that the end may be near for the laptop? Well, to start, the MacBook Air currently sits at the same price point as the MacBook, but is lighter and has a nifty solid-state hard drive.” The day has come. Not only has Apple stopped shipping the laptop to consumers, but they’ve also removed them from the educational store as well. The white MacBook that we’ve all grown to love has finally been killed off.

The writing was on the wall along time ago for the white MacBook. Apple flirted with the idea of removing the polycarbonate model years ago, when it introduced an aluminum unibody MacBook in 2008. That MacBook only lasted one yeah before Apple updated it and rebranded the device to be a 13 inch MacBook Pro. Once the MacBook Air was released, it became pretty evident that the MacBook Air would be Apple’s MacBook of the future.

We’re hearing today that Apple could be getting ready to release a complete revamp of the MacBook Pro lineup to look, and feel more like the MacBook Air. Who knows what the long term plans may be. Maybe we’ll see a white MacBook Air down the road, or maybe the white edition laptop is dead for good.

On thing is for certain, the Air form factor is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Via Slashgear

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