iA Writer update with iCloud support propogating on the App Store

We’ve been waiting patiently for a fully iCloud-integrated text editor to make its way to the App Store. As we write this post, iA Writer, the popular minimal writing app, is propagating across Apple’s global App Stores.

Oliver Reichenstein, founder of iA Writer, posted an update on his Google Plus page:

[quote]First full iCloud implementation outside Apple’s product line! iA Writer for iPad and Mac, now both with iCloud … (propagating… will pop up in your app store any moment now)[/quote]

If you’ve been waiting to make the purchase, now’s probably the time to buy iA Writer. I just did. Hopefully it takes over as my app of choice for writing posts on a daily basis. Also, both applications (Mac and iPad) are currently on sale to celebrate the iPad integration.

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