Google Quietly Releases 64-bit Chrome Canary App For OS X

Canary, a bleeding edge version of Google Chrome aimed at developers and early adopters is now available for download to Mac users. Google has finally rolled out a 64-bit version of its Chrome Canary app, making it compatible with OS X for the first time (download it here).

Of course, like all beta and bleeding-edge software there may be bugs and quirks that aren’t present in stable releases. You may be able to download and play with Canary, but it also may be a little bit of a bumpy road for those less technically inclined.

What do we know about Chrome Canary?

The app updates nightly, so you’re always using the latest version of the app. It’s also pretty safe to play with because it doesn’t clash with your existing Chrome browser. If you’re feeling up to it, you can use Canary, but if you’re tired of the breakages you can also just head back to vanilla Chrome.

Happy computing. Just don’t blame us if your experience goes south in a hurry.

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