Spin the night away for free with VirtualDJ Home

VirtualDJ looks like a pretty substantial Mac application, and at the wonderful price of free, it’s worth snapping up. They have other versions of this software for professionals and commercial use, but this version is for non-commercial mixes—think home parties & barbecues—so it’s a great way to sample the product before you buy it.

VirtualDJ was the winner of the “Best DJ Software” at WMC 2010, and the creators of the app, Atomix Productions, say there have been more than a million new downloads every month, leading them to claim that it’s the most widely used DJ software and the uncontested leader of non-timecode digital DJing. Sounds like a winner…

Features of the software include a cutting-edge beatlock engine, an automatic seamless loop engine and a synchronized sampler, allowing you to keep your songs on beat, mix your songs incredibly fast, and do remixes at a moment’s notice.

Additionally, their site describes other features, such as:

  • The video engine lets you mix and scratch music videos or karaoke as easily as audio.
  • With NetSearch and MusicGroups, you will stay on the edge of the musical trends.
  • And with the versatile VDJScript language and hundreds of downloadable skins, you can tailor your software to your exact needs.

I am not a DJ (yet!), so I can’t validate things like speed, but I’ve looked for a similar style application before when I needed to mix some music for a party, and it was pretty hard to find one that looked as genius as this that didn’t cost a fortune. Plus if you grow out of it and need that little bit more, you can buy their other versions.

Atomix Productions also offers an iOS app that allows you to control VirtualDJ over Wi-Fi, known as VirtualDJ Remote. With this app, you can roam around the room and still spin cool tunes. The iOS app isn’t a standalone app though; it requires VirtualDJ Home installed on a PC or Mac in order to work.

Looks like you and your mac can now be the life of the party!

Article Via MacLife

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