Former Windows Security Hacker Hired By Apple, Company Possibly Worried About Worms

Once upon a time, Mac users had the luxury of chortling softly at the plight of their Windows brethen. Unlike the heathen masses, they were largely safe from the Internet’s conglomeration of electronic viruses and nasties. Unfortunately, things have changed. With the increased popularity of the company’s product lines, the risk of malware has increased exponentially. Fortunately, it looks like Apple is willing to act accordingly.

Enter Kristin Paget.

Formerly a part of Microsoft’s team of elite hackers — the other megacorporation had hired Paget and several other hackers to work on locking down Windows vista — Kristin Paget recently confirmed that she is, indeed, now an employee of Apple. Naturally, however, no details about her work have been revealed. Like her former employer, it looks like Apple has her locked up by NDAs. And while regular consumers might be delighted to know that Apple’s products may soon be sealed up tighter than Fort Knox, this may bode poorly for the jailbreaking community. Already iOS 6 has proven itself resilient to attempts at solving it. With Kristin Paget’s assistance, iOS 7 is likely going to be a complete doozy.

Source: Wired

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