Firefox Receives Retina Compatibility In Latest Beta

The latest beta release of Firefox, version 18 beta 1, supports the 2012 MacBook Pro’s Retina Display and is available for download via Mozilla’s website. While you can download the beta now, keep in mind that it will have its share of flaws as it’s still in testing. Casual users may want to hold off until Firefox 18 is officially released to get in on the Retina goodness. If you’d like to view the full change log for Firefox version 18 beta 1, we’ve embedded it below.

A new Firefox Beta for Windows, Mac and Linux is now available for download and testing. This update includes JavaScript improvements that make Web apps and games perform better and support for W3C Touch Events. Firefox Beta also supports Retina Display for Mac users.

  • IonMonkey: IonMonkey is a new JavaScript JIT compiler that provides a more efficient way for Firefox to process JavaScript. With IonMonkey, Firefox will perform faster with Web apps, games and other JavaScript-heavy pages.
  • Retina Display Support: Firefox Beta supports Retina Display for Mac users to make Firefox even sharper when watching movies, playing games and browsing the Web.
  • Disable Insecure Content: Firefox Beta can disable insecure content on HTTPS secure websites to maintain the privacy of your communication with the website. You can enable the feature in about:config.
  • Support for W3C Touch Events: Firefox Beta supports standard W3C touch events in addition to MozTouch events.

Mozilla is pretty late to the party in terms of Retina Display compatibility amongst web browsers. Opera, Chrome and Safari have all had Retina Display compatibility for quite some time. Better late than never, right?

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