Favs App Makes Organizing And Finding Favorites, Bookmarks, And Saved Content Easy

Wake up. Shower. Eat breakfast while surfing the Web. “Like” posts on Facebook, “star” favorite Tweets on Twitter, “bookmark” articles on Delicious or Pinboard, and save YouTube videos. Decide to make that new recipe for dinner that I found online last week. Wait, which website was that on again?

If this sounds familiar then “Favs” app is just what you need. It’s a Mac app that integrates all your favorite social sites and brings everything you “Like,” star, bookmark, or save into one spot on your Mac. It’s compatible with a number of social services, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instapaper, Delicious, Google Reader, Instagram, Pinboard, Flickr, and more.

To get all your favorites into Favs simply log in to the sites that you’d like to add and authorize Favs to access your data. The app then loads all your favorites from the approved sites and separates them by source in the app’s main window.

It’s easy to switch between sources, each of which has displayed all favorite items in a large window on the right of the screen. The app also has a great search function, so finding content, like that recipe you’re finally getting around to try, is easy. For instance, Favs remembers tags with blog posts so using a keyword to search includes searching tags as well as the text itself.

If Favs sounds like something you need, you can check out their website, favsapp.com, for more information or click the link below to purchase the app for $9.99.

Source: Apple via Macworld
Image Credit: favsapp

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.