Expand Your MacBook Air or Pro With The MiniDrive

Want an easy way to throw another 64GB of storage into your MacBook Pro or Air without pulling out your screwdriver? Nifty has you covered with their new product, the MiniDrive. The MiniDrive is a Kickstarter project which only hoped for $11,000 in funding, but has already received over $57,000 with 27 days remaining.

The MiniDrive is a MicroSD adapter that sits flush into your MacBook Pro/Air’s SD card slot, making it a semi permanent solution. You can throw any type of MicroSD card into the adapter up to 64GB, which could essentially double the space on a low end MacBook Air. Another cool use of the MiniDrive is for Time Machine. Not only would this be convenient, but it would also be faster than backing up to a traditional hard drive. The MiniDrive is available in four different colors: silver, blue, black and pink. If you would like to pre-order one for yourself, pledge at least $30 on Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter
Image Credit: Nifty (Dropbox)

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