Apple seeds a second Lion build to developers


Apple has released a second developer build of the highly anticipated seventh revision of its flagship operating system, OS X Lion. Sporting a build number of 11A419, it represents quite a few revisions past the previous release, which was 11A390. Apple’s developer community was rather outspoken about the last preview release, complaining that it was rather buggy.

This revision should represent a massive improvement, and is rumored to be considered the first “Golden Master” candidate, meaning it’s very close to what we’ll see when Lion ships.

Apple touts Lion as a combination of “the power of OS X. The magic of iPad.” We can already see some of the new features in Snow Leopard, like the new Mac App Store, but features like Launchpad will have to wait for Lion’s release. Features like Mission Control, what looks to be a replacement for Exposé, as well as expanded multi-touch gestures and animations are just a few things Apple has in store for us with Lion, and they’ve got me as excited as an elephant in a box of peanuts!

Article Via TechCrunch


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