Apple Has No Plans For Final Cut Pro 8, But They’re Bringing More Features To Final Cut Pro X

Despite faint hope from the industry that Apple could be working on Final Cut Pro 8, it seems that the company is forging ahead with Final Cut Pro X and has no plans to turn back the clock to appease film editors. In an on-the-record meeting with Apple at NAB, Larry Jordan got the low-down from Apple directly.

From Larry Jordan:

Apple stressed that FCP X is a long-term project and that they are fully committed to it. (In other words, because I asked, there is not a Final Cut Pro 8 waiting in the wings.) Apple views Final Cut X as the future of video editing … [New Features Include]: Multichannel Audio Editing Tools, Dual Viewers, MXF Plug-in Support, RED camera support

It’s pretty obvious that Apple is committed to making Final Cut Pro X work, and that the company has no intention of abandoning the software bundle because of complaints in the film and editing industries. Like Jordan states later in his article, Apple has been working quite closely with the industry to provide the features that editors need in a professional editing bundle. Final Cut Pro X has already had four major updates since its release, which is something that is unusual for the pro editing suite.

If you’ve already gone all in on Final Cut Pro X, these words from Apple are probably reassuring, right?


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