Apple’s war on boxed software continues as they plan to cut a chunk of games from store shelves

You better get use to the Mac App Store, because pretty soon the only way you’ll be able to get software through official Apple channels will be online. According to Jim Dalrymple over at The Loop, Apple’s cutting 32 games from their stores as well as some hardware in an attempt to clear up space for additional in-store services.

From The Loop,

Apple is also getting rid of up to 32 game titles from its retail locations. That would reduce the number of games being displayed in the stores to around 8 per store.

According to Dalrymple, the move is being made to free up some space so that Apple employees can continue to offer in-store support for new users. As Jim points out, Apple’s having great success with their programs that help customers setup and install new applications on their machines. Walking customers through their new Mac experience is something that Apple is placing a large emphasis on these days, and they seem to be doing a stellar job. Getting rid of third-party applications and hardware is a great way to clear up some space.

Article Via The Loop
Photo Credit: nickythecap

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