“Alternate payment options” for MobileMe sparks speculation

The rumor mill has been churning hard on MobileMe for the past little while, especially since Steve Jobs has been quoted saying MobileMe “will get better in 2011.” With MobileMe retail boxes no longer available for purchase in stores, many have suggested the service will become free when these changes are released. Of course, with the retail boxes MIA, someone without a credit card can’t renew their subscription.

Such is the case with a reader of the German site macnews.de (German followed by English.) He visited an Apple Retail Store with the hopes of renewing his MobileMe subscription, but he was told there was no way they could help him. Apple Customer Care, when contacted, reported that Apple is “currently working on offering customers alternate payment options.”

Once again, we’re left to wonder. With Find My iPhone now free for any iOS device owner, is it possible that other MobileMe services could follow suit? I personally can’t see MobileMe being completely free anytime soon, but the prospect of some additional free services wouldn’t surprise me. One thing’s for sure — the suspense is killing me!

Article Via macnn and macnews.de

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