Adobe Lightroom Makes An Appearance On The App Store

Adobe already has a couple of apps on the Mac App Store, including Photoshop Elements, Revel, and Premiere Elements. But, what’s been missing so far is all of their full-fledged applications. Today, Adobe has taken the plunge, bringing Lightroom 4 to the Mac App Store. The photo editing application, currently priced at $149.99, is full featured, which kinda of took us by surprise. Frankly, we didn’t see this one coming.

The move also raises some questions about future upgrades. Will Adobe only be able to sell full priced upgrades from version to version moving forward? Adobe currently offers upgrades to customers for $79.00. That’s not possible on the Mac App Store. Furthermore, what about Adobe’s shiny new subscription service for software?

It sounds like you may be expected to purchase the application outright, for full price, every time a new version hits the App Store, so we recommend considering your alternatives before making a purchase through the Mac App Store. Hopefully iOS 6 changes some of these things and lets developers offer discounts on apps, upgrade prices, and subscription services.

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