Mac App Store: Pixelmator’s on board

Pixelmator, the alternative Photoshop applications, has announced that they are going to be on board with the Mac App Store.


Pixelmator has given a few reasons as to why they are onboard, including: less time on their update system, web store, licensing, and anti-piracy measures. They also mention that they will be able to spend more time on, wait for it, wait for it… creating applications, which is always a plus.

Despite the relatively short article, the comments shed light on some other interesting items. One user asks about porting existing users over. Pixelmator doesn’t have an answer for this yet, but maybe they should be looking to Apple to provide a method for this.

A potential method would be to provide promotional codes to existing users. But the limitation for this is the lack of availability outside the United States.

Another user inquires if Pixelmator will be turning off the App Store that they are currently using. Pixelmator says that they will not being turning off their current store, for a while at least. My guess is that this will depend on whether the alternative purchasing makes enough money.

Another question was whether Pixelmator 1.X would be in the store, or if Pixelmator would just start with 2.0. It turns out they are going to start with the 1.x application.

So there is one developer on board, and I am sure there are a bunch who are about to jump on. There are still a bunch of unanswered questions regarding the App Store. But only time will tell. I am sure that it will be a long process with some give and take on both sides.

Article Via Pixelmator
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