Keep Your Cables In One Place With The Cordito

For some strange reason, cables always seem to get lost in my messenger bag. Regardless of whether its a Lightning cable, USB cable, or a cable to charge my Pebble watch, it always seems to disappear right when I need it the most, and it usually ends with me unloading my bag in the middle of a coffee shop. If you struggle with this as well, we can both make it a thing of the past with a cable storage contraption called the Cordito.

The Cordito is crafted out of leather and has three cable wraps built-in that are designed keep your cables tangle-free and in one place when in transit. The Cordito also has space for two small power plugs like the Apple USB wall adapter. Once you have all of these spaces filled, you can wrap the Cordito up like a burrito and never worry about losing cables again.

Purchase your Cordito here for $39.99.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.