This iPad Sleeve Jank-ifies Your iPad, Keeps It Safe

Even though my iPad normally stays in my bag, I don’t always need to lug my whole backpack around if I’m just heading out to a coffee shop to get homework done. Hopping on the subway with a bare iPad in hand isn’t the safest option either. Enter the Undercover Secret Tablet Sleeve.

The Undercover Secret Tablet Sleeve purposely looks like an old, beat-up postage sleeve to protect your iPad from the glance of would-be thieves. With PE foam construction to protect from damage due to drops, and a velcro-locking strips to keep your tablet from falling out of the sleeve, your tablet is now protected from your butter-finger tendencies.

Grab your Undercover Sleeve on Amazon for $19.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.