iXoost Releases New Audio Exhaust Docks For The iPhone

A creative burst of energy has produced an unusual dock to plug your iPhone or iPod into. In what iXoost calls “a genuine orchestra of sound and metal,” iXoost has produced a very unique docking system made from exhaust manifolds.

To make these docks, iXoost recycles different exhaust manifolds and combines them with solid aluminum bases, which have been made by using 5-axis milling machines. They are then equipped with innovative loudspeakers with a 140W active subwoofer. They are available in 8, 10, or 12 cylinder versions.

What’s more, iXoost has even created their own custom iOS application, which coordinates graphics and technical HQ, allowing users to access playlists. You can see more details of what this app has to offer in the iTunes App Store, or purchase it for only $0.99.

Every iXoost dock is unique, with color differences and use of different materials customized to fit a customer’s individual preference. Interested buyers can play around with a configuration or send in some requests and a life-like 3D image of a custom-made dock will be sent.

With the ability to customize your own look it would be easy to find a style that you like and that would fit your own personal taste. Each iXoost system is made to order and can be purchased through the iXoost website.

Source: Geeky Gadgets, iXoost and Apple
Image Credit: iXoost

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