YouTube Co-Founders Introduce MixBit, A Video Recording And Creation App

What happens when you combine all the existing video recording and editing apps and combine them into one? You get MixBit, a new video editing and creating app for iOS brought to you by the co-founders of YouTube.

A new rival to Vine and Instagram, which are all the rage right now, MixBit is a video editing and creation app service with a new flavor. It works similarly to these apps – to start recording a video, just hold your thumb anywhere on the screen and you’ll capture a clip up to 16 seconds long. But where it differs from Vine and Instagram is that you can record, edit and publish videos as short as one second long, or combine your 16 second clips into one giant video, up to an hour long. You can even create videos without having to shoot original content. You can just pull images or videos from your camera roll.

Longer videos are taken in multiple 16 second clips, or bits. One video can include up to 256 clips, which are stored individually but will play in one seamless video. You can drag and drop the clips to rearrange them, cut or delete clips, and publish or save your video right from your iPhone. You can also choose to share your videos on Facebook or Twitter.

MixBit also introduces elements similar to the video service Vyclone, where you can edit your clip and anyone else’s from your browser. Even after you’ve published a video, clips are still stored individually so you can mix your clips as many times as you want to create different videos. You can grab clips from other MixBit videos from and include them in your own.

MixBit is a free download from the App Store. If you’re a fan of Vine or Instagram, you’ll definitely want to check this app out, and test out your video creating and editing skills.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

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