You Can Now Purchase As Many iPhones As You Please

Apple has just removed its two iPhone 5s per person limit as its supply of the iPhone 5 increases. This means that you can purchase as many iPhones as you please when you step into an Apple Store, provided the store has enough stock and you have enough cash. The unlocked version of the iPhone 5 was released last week in the United States while shipping times dropped to 2-4 days yesterday, just a week after it was dropped to one week. This limit was dropped for both online and in-store purchases. The iPad mini is still limited to two per customer.

It’s nice to see Apple catch up with iPhone demand during the holiday season. The iPhone 5 is a hot gift this holiday, so Apple catching up with iPhone 5 demand allows more people to give (and receive) the iPhone 5 this holiday. Gene Munster repots that as of November 21st, the Sprint iPhone 5 was available in 92 percent of Apple Stores, while AT&T and Verizon phones were available in 82 percent and 72 percent of stores, respectively.

Today is a big day for the iPhone 5. Not only was its purchase limit dropped, but the iPhone 5 was also officially released in China where over 100,000 people preordered the phone on China Unicom.

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