Yay, Dead Space finally comes to the iPhone and iPad


One game that fell through the cracks for me was Dead Space. I’ve always had the intention of playing the game on a console, but never got around to it, unfortunately. A couple of years later, EA has put the game directly in my wheel house. Dead Space is now available on the iPhone and iPad. The game looks fantastic, and it could be another one of those games that really shows off the power of the iPad as a gaming platform.

We’re just sitting down with the game now, so we don’t have many opinions on the game play just yet, but we will be working on a full-featured review. So  far, we’re pretty excited about it.

I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time, so I thought some of you might be as well. The day has finally come—Dead Space is available on the iPhone and iPad!

Go Get It.

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