*Yawn* Glassgate gets a class action lawsuit

Donald LeBuhn has decided that Apple needs to be punished for selling iPhones made of glass. No, really. The LA resident has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for “misleading customers as to the strength of the glass” used in iPhone 4 handsets

Excuse me while I go recover from the laughing fit LeBuhn just provided me. LeBuhn clearly realizes that the phone is made of glass, but still somehow thinks that the iPhone 4 was too fragile, and that Apple should pay for his repairs.

Here comes the rant

I’ve dropped my iPhone 3G plenty enough to know that repeatedly dropping your phone can result in the screen shattering, which in case LeBuhn isn’t aware of yet, is made from glass. I don’t have an engineering degree, and I couldn’t even begin to tell you the science behind breaking glass, but I don’t need it. I’m armed with common sense, and common sense dictates that glass will break when dropped.  Sign me up for a Nobel Prize.

Apple didn’t market the iPhone as “break-proof” and LeBuhn needs to take some responsibility for letting his daughter play with the phone. She dropped it, she broke it, and she should be on the hook to pay the fee to fix it.

Can someone please tell Mr. LeBuhn that glass breaks, and that he broke his phone, because I’m tired of this giant whinefest that’s going on right now.

The iPhone 4 is made of glass, and if you’re not responsible enough to take off your kid-gloves when you’re playing with one, maybe you should go out and buy the worlds most padded iPhone case. Stop blaming others for your irresponsibility. If you can’t stop breaking nice things, don’t buy nice things.

When I drop my phone and it breaks, I foot the bill, because I DROPPED IT.

Please tell me, is it possible to file a class action lawsuit against stupidity in the US? I might have some people I’d like to sue.

Article Via The Next Web

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