Woz loves his iOS devices, not so much his Android devices.

Some months back I wrote an article about Steve Wozniak and how he liked the Nexus One over what at the time was the current iPhone 3GS. If you remember, I also stated that Woz is a gadget guy, and he doesn’t hold an allegiance to any one device in particular. This is evident by the fact that he is now saying that he likes his iPhones and iPad over his Android Powered Nexus One.

Kim Da-ye of The Korea Times gives us some insight into why Woz likes his iDevices:

“Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, likes his three iPhones and iPad, but not so much the competitors’ Android phones…”

“”First, I liked a lot of things that were built into Android phones. Voice recognition and noise cancellation on my Nexus One phone were great. I still like to speak things. For instance, navigate to John’s hardware store. It gets the wording right – no matter how you say, it works like Google search,” said Wozniak who founded the darling of the technology industry with Steve Jobs, its current CEO, and Ronald Wayne.”

This is what I love about Woz. He will always give you an unbiased opinion on a device. As I mentioned earlier, Woz doesn’t hold an allegiance to any one company or device, so you know when he says he likes something, it is because he genuinely likes it.  Woz goes on to show the similarities between Windows and Android:

“”It’s difficult to find where things are (on Android phones). More and more, I feel like it is more like (Microsoft’s) Windows in which many different hardware vendors have installed different equipment on the same platform. The (Windows’) platform has to be very neutral and cannot be special. That’s the similar problem Android phones have,” he said.”

Woz brings up a very good point in regards to Android paralleling Windows. In my opinion this is why Windows is such a hassle and has so many issues. They try to please everyone, but they don’t focus on what matters, which is making sure that the software is stable and not half-baked. Or, that applications will work on one device and not another.

Bottom line is that companies need to make their products simpler, not more difficult.  As Woz puts it, “…If you look at an Apple product including design and functions, the message it gives your eyes as soon as you see the product is ‘beautiful.’ You pick up some products and there are buttons, buttons, buttons, words and words. It looks ugly, and it tells you it is not human,…”.  That’s what makes Apple’s devices that much more appealing—they have a simple yet intuitive design to them.  Anyone from your two year old child to your 90 year old grandparent will be able to easily and quickly use an Apple device.

Photo Credit: WOZ

Article Via The Korea Times

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