“Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” Is An iOS 6 Beta Feature That Uses Data When Wi-Fi Connections Suck

Those with iPhones are familiar with the device’s habit of trying to jump onto Wi-Fi signals that are close-by, no matter how strong or weak the connection would be. It’s super annoying when you’ve finally hooked onto that Wi-Fi network to save yourself some data only to find the connection is slower than molasses in January (pardon the cliché). Now with Apple’s latest iOS 6 beta,  a new feature will detect these slow connections and automatically connect your iPhone back to cellular data until a better Wi-Fi connection is detected.

This feature is found under Settings > General > Cellular systems setting pane in the latest iOS 6 beta. If this feature remains in the final release of the software, your iPhone will be able to automatically revert back to cellular data to keep iCloud Documents, iTunes purchases, Passbook and Reading Lists up to date.

“Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” will also try to keep FaceTime video conferences from dropping off when a connection is lost. Rather, it could mean that FaceTime calls started over Wi-Fi could easily and automatically switch back to mobile broadband networks.

So essentially this feature will keep your iPhone running smoothly if it tries to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot that is working well, keeping any current syncing running properly so as not to lose any data or progress. Hopefully this makes it into the final release of iOS 6!

Source: Apple Insider via GigaOM
Image Credit: Apple Insider

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