White iPhone 4 shelf tags spotted in US and Canada retailers


The white iPhone 4 may be hitting retail stores soon, as shelf tags have been spotted at a Houston Best Buy, as well as at The Source stores in Canada. As seen in these photos from Engadget, white iPhone models will be available at the same price as black models. The 16GB iPhone 4 white model is listed for $599.99 at Best Buy. At The Source, prices for the 32GB iPhone 4 white and black models are the same, $269.95 with a 3-year contract from Bell.

While the black iPhone 4 was available in June 2010, the white iPhone was first delayed a month, then to the end of the year, and then to “Spring 2011.” Since then, it has become the subject of much speculation. Was there a manufacturing issue, were the colors not matching, or was there light leaking from the flash? Would the white iPhone be cancelled altogether?

Well it seems that you can lay that speculation to rest shortly, if these tags are any indication. Will you be getting a white iPhone 4? Or has the wait been too long? I would guess that many have already gotten their iPhones, but let us know if you’re still waiting for the white iPhone. Your patience is about to be rewarded.

Article Via osxdaily
Photo Credit: Engadget

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