Want a white iPhone 4? Wednesday looks like it’s the big day

The epic saga of the white iPhone 4 is about to reach its denouement. Ten months after the original iPhone 4 announcement, Apple’s gearing up to release the white iPhone 4 to the masses on Wednesday.

We reported earlier that the 27th of April appeared to be the big release day, based on rumors. But now it’s starting to look like a foregone conclusion. European carriers, Best Buy, Vodafone UK, and Apple retail sources have all independently pointed out that the 27th is likely the big day.

So there you have it. Months before the iPhone 5 gets announced, you’re now able to purchase the most talked about iPhone since the original.

Are you planning on buying a white iPhone 4, or do you intend on holding out until the iPhone 5? At this point, nothing’s going to stand between me and an iPhone 5 purchase. It doesn’t make much sense to buy an iPhone at this stage of the iPhone 4 life cycle.

Article Via MacRumors

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