White iPhone 4 or 5, running on T-Mobile, pops up online

The iPhone 5 (or 4GS) is rumored to have a “world mode” chipset from Qualcomm. What that means is that a person can buy one iPhone and have it work on all kinds of networks at home and abroad.

That also means that the next generation iPhone may find itself on more networks in the near future. Boy Genius Report managed to get its hands on what looks like a white iPhone 4 running on the T-Mobile network.

Some blogs have taken to publicly speculating that it may be the iPhone 5, or an early prototype of the next iPhone. We can’t be sure that it’s either, and without word from Apple, no one can be sure if this is a future model, or an abandoned previous model phone.

There have been some pretty hefty rumors over the last week suggesting that the iPhone 5 will be an iPhone 4GS. The key differentiating factors this time being under the hood instead of in design. Like we mentioned off the top, a ‘world mode’ iPhone is right in line with what a lot of people have been hearing, including the CFO of Verizon. Fran Shammo let it slip during their quarterly call that the iPhone 5 will be a global device.

So, if true, this leaked image of a white iPhone on the Verizon network could be the next generation iPhone, or at the very least an early prototype of a ‘world phone’ from Apple. If that’s the case, welcome to the world of iPhone T-Mobile users.

Article Via TechnoBuffalo

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