Wall Street Journal reposts iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 rumors from months ago

iPhone 5 ConceptThe iPhone 5 (or 4S) hasn’t even hit the shelves yet and already people in the know, who have been briefed on Apple’s product plans, have started leaking iPhone 6 details to the press.

The Wall Street Journal has a source who believes that Apple is working on a new way to charge the phone. Some have speculated that it could mean that the iPhone 6 will have inductive charging, based on the quote from the Wall Street Journal article. It’s also rumored that Apple is working on a less-expensive device, with an edge-to-edge screen, both of which are fairly rampant rumors at this point.

Today marks the second day in a row that the Wall Street Journal has published articles about the upcoming iPhone 5 (4S) based on rumors that have been floating around the blogosphere for months now. The fact that their articles are based on a “person” and “a person briefed on Apple’s product plans” has us wondering if they’re simply subscribed to a bunch of tech blogs’ RSS feeds, and then regurgitating posts from months ago. Yesterday it was thinner, lighter, faster, and today it’s new charging and edge-to-edge screens.

Here’s just how obvious this news is at this point:

  1. Back in March Apple was awarded patents for inductive charging docks. So obviously they’re working on new “charging methods.”
  2. All the way back in May Orange CEO Stephane Richard told All Things Digital that the next iPhone would be thinner and smaller.
  3. On February 13th The Wall Street Journal posted an article about a smaller iPhone, and an iPhone with edge-to-edge screen.

There you have it, proof that the Wall Street Journal has not only taken commonly known rumors and regurgitated them, but that they also regurgiated their own post from way back in February 2011. Heck, both articles were written by Yukari Iwatani Kane, so take it for what it’s worth — old news, reported as new news, hidden behind vague sources.

High-five goes out to the Wall Street Journal.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Note: Image is a concept, not the next iPhone

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