Viddy, an “Instagram for video” app?

Instagram has been a pretty big hit, and with their constant updates that provide new filters and other useful features, it seems that more apps want a piece of their pie. Viddy is being pitched by their developers as “Instagram for video,” but will it be as popular?

Instagram is a pretty solid app, allowing users to share photos (that have almost all been highly edited with filters) through Twitter and other networks, including Instagram itself. The service is quick and easy to use, and in all honesty, seems to make most users’ boring photos (including my own!) look slick and amazing.

What Viddy does is pretty similar. You can shoot a video, apply any number of “cinematic production packs” — the equivalent of the filters in Instagram —  to stylize your footage, which you can then share on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Of course, in addition to being a basic video sharing app, it too has its own network. You can follow friends and view activity and trends all across the network. So, whereas before we were looking at all those cute cat photos, now we can see those adorable cats running around too. So far the app seems to be kicking around the 3 star review area.

One thing that does seem pretty amazing about this app, and of course Instagram and similar apps, is that we’re no longer seeing programs or services that rely on or need the desktop in any way. These are purely smartphone reliant applications and services, so all you need is a mobile device and you have an entire network and social structure in your pocket. It’ll be interesting to see if this app catches on as much as the photo service has.

Viddy does have plans to expand to the iPad, Android, and other platforms, and there will be in-app purchase features for premium production packs.

Have you been waiting for Viddy all along? Did you hope that Instagram would introduce video or a video-based app? Do you prefer a video or photo based service or will you stick with photos only?

Article Via Macworld

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