Verizon Will Not SIM Lock The iPhone 5

When we reported on Verizon selling unlocked iPhone 5s last week, we were still wondering if Verizon had plans to lock the phones in the future. Today, however, our questions have been answered, as Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney has told the Associated Press that Verizon does not have any plans to lock the iPhone 5 like Sprint did with the iPhone 4S last year.

If you’re unaware, having an unlocked iPhone is an advantage to consumers as they can freely switch between cellular networks as they please. And while users on a Verizon contract may not take advantage of this at first, they may make use of their unlocked phones when traveling abroad as they can use a local nano-SIM card to save on international roaming charges. However, LTE connectivity will only work on Verizon’s network while the iPhone 5 will be able to take advantage of other carriers’ HSPA+ networks.

This is a great move on Verizon’s part, as they are giving their customers the right to choose. If users want to leave Verizon, they can easily pay the termination fee and take their device elsewhere.

Source: AP

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