Verizon iPhone 4 users report fewer dropped calls

Ver iphone attChangeWave published the results of a survey of over 4000 AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 owners today, and their findings were unsuprising: Verizon iPhone 4 users reported less dropped calls on average than AT&T customers.

The CDMA Verizon iPhone 4 launched in February in a rather subdued fashion, without the long lines that accompanied the initial iPhone 4 launch, or the subsequent iPad 2 launch in March. Being that Verizon is a relatively new option, how these numbers hold up over the long run will be anyone’s guess, as more subscribers increase the pressure on Verizon’s network.

ChangeWave asked users to assess the frequency of dropped calls over the last 90 days. For Verizon customers, the number was much lower (1.8%) than for AT&T subscribers (4.8%). These percentages track with historical dropped call rates for these two companies according to ChangeWave’s data.

Dropped calls verizon att iphone4

Verizon had better get ready for more network load however, because it seems that their user base is about to explode. Of those surveyed who were planning to buy an iPhone 4 in the future, nearly half of them said they would choose Verizon. Only a quarter would choose AT&T, and the rest were undecided.

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Article Via MacRumors

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