Unleash the power of the gecko on your iPhone with the Grippy Pad


If you’re tired of fussy gizmos that are supposed to mount your iPhone and other gadgets on your dashboard, but just don’t seem to work right, then the Grippy Pad is for you. The Grippy Pad works like a gecko’s feet. It’s not suction. It’s not glue. It’s not velcro. It just sticks, without being sticky.

Grippy Pad won’t melt in the sun, so don’t worry about leaving it out on your dashboard. And it won’t ever lose its stickiness, so long as you wipe it down occasionally with a damp cloth. In addition to your phone, it can also hold your GPS, your keys, your sunglasses and any other item you need to stick up there for a little while.

The Grippy Pad comes in four colours: grey, black, clear and red. You can pick one up on Firebox for $11 USD.

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