Ultimate military grade protection for your iPhone 4

There’s a product out there for those who wish to have nothing but the best protection for their iPhone 4. It’s a fully ruggedized case for the iPhone 4.

What makes this case so special you may ask? Well, it’s quite simple. It’s up to military spec. What exactly does this mean? To put it bluntly, the military will test any product to verify that it can withstand the harshest environments that anybody, including Mother Nature, can throw it. If it doesn’t pass this, then the military refuses to use it.

These cases are composed of three parts: the front, the back, and the screws and posts. It is an open air design that allows you to access all of the functions of the phone without needing to remove the case.

I personally love fully ruggedized cases and products. I bought a Pelican case for my 13-inch MacBook that I bought back in 2007. Despite the fact that it doesn’t leave my house anymore, I still love the case for those few times that I do need to take my laptop out of the house.

I am not sure if this is worth the $99.97, but if you want a truly unique case this may be worth purchasing.

Article Via SlashGear

Photo Credit: Jon Eicher

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