UK Starbucks Fans rejoice! Paying with iOS is now a reality

PipipGood news, all of you caffeine addicts in the United Kingdom can now pay for your Starbucks using the updated Starbucks app on your iOS device — no more wallet needed. In any of the 700+ Starbucks in the UK, you can pay directly with the barcode generated by that app linked to your credit card.

From The Next Web:

With NFC terminals and providers working hard to finalise their offerings for the next wave of NFC-enabled smartphones, Starbucks has stolen a march on other retailers with its mobile coupons.

That quote is particularly interesting. Instead of sitting and hoping that NFC is implemented in phones across the board, companies like Starbucks and Square have used existing technology in innovative ways to help remove the friction of payment. Brilliant stuff by any measurement. Not only does it make it easier for people to spend money with your company, but it also reduces the time spent in line. It’s a win-win on both sides of the counter.

So, what do you think of companies speeding up the payment process with apps on your favorite devices? Have any experience using this service? We want to hear about it, so please take a moment and start a conversation in the comment section below this post.

Source: The Next Web

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