Ubisoft Launching System That Lets You Save Games To The Cloud

Waiting for the major console makers to reach out and solve a problem that’s been plaguing gamers for the last couple of years is probably a mistake. Given the time it takes for the major companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and even Apple to quickly implement something, we would probably be waiting well over a year, and in some cases two or three. Ubisoft has had enough of the wait, and they now plan on releasing a cloud based saving system that will let its customers save their games to the cloud so they can pick up where they left off on any platform, whether it be a console or a mobile gaming system like an iPad, iPhone, or Sony PSP.

In an interview with Pocket-Lint, Ubisoft’s Chris Early, head of digital at Ubisoft, had this to say:

I think that is a huge issue and I personally can’t stand it where I have to do something over again … We have a cloud-based storage system for that data for you … As a player, I absolutely hope that game saves across multiple devices will be like this in the future. From an Ubisoft perspective, yes they will.

Clearly they realize that gamers are sick of having to restart a game every single time they move between devices these days. Ideally this type of cloud system would find its way into a larger set of APIs for a product like Apple’s Game Center, but at this point it sounds like that kind of solution may be far off, unless Apple addresses the problem in iOS 6, which is rumoured to be announced this summer (the usual time for an iOS announcement).

It’s not just games that have this kind of problem, as movie rentals through Apple’s iTunes system is more of the same. Can you believe that renting a movie on the Apple TV, and trying to then finish it on your iPad isn’t possible? Instead, you have to purchase the movie on the Apple TV and then again on the iPad. It’s not exactly ideal for consumers. The sooner this stuff gets addressed the better. There are only so many times I can replay a game before I give up and move on to something else.

Via: Pocket-Lint


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