Twitterrific 4 approved and heading to the Mac App Store tomorrow

The first Mac OS X Twitter client will be finding a new home in the Mac App Store tomorrow, according to a Tweet from Twitterrific. It seems that the application won’t be Mac App Store specific, as it will be available from as well. But, you just won’t be seeing your current version on the store. The Twitterrific team will be releasing Twitterrific 4 tomorrow. Users who have purchased version 3 will be eligible for a discounted update through, but the application will not be discounted on the Mac App Store.

The application currently supports a free version, as well as a paid version that removes the advertisements. We’re assuming both options will be available in the Mac App Store tomorrow when version 4 is released.

You can currently get the iOS applications in the App Store using the links below, and the current desktop version from

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