Tweetbot For iOS Update Adds Chrome, Flickr, And Vine Support

Tweetbot is a popular Twitter client and Tapbots, the team behind the app, has released a new update for it, adding link support for Chrome and 1Password, as well as image previews support for Flickr and Vine.

In the past, users would have used the browser built into Tweetbot’s app, but the new update lets you specify whether links can be opened in Chrome or 1Password, which makes sure you can access sites using your favorite Google browser or by using 1Password’s app to log you in automatically.

Flickr’s recently relaunched its iPhone app, which increased mobile usage by as much as 25%. Tweetbot now provides image support for Flickr, displaying photos right in the stream instead of having to follow a link to Flickr’s mobile website.

In the update, Tapbots has also included inline image previews for Vine videos, which will show a thumbnail of a Twitter user’s video, giving you a preview of the content.

Though not a major update, Tweetbot now has some welcome additional features if you’re a Chrome or 1Password user. You can get Tweetbot from the App Store for the iPhone and iPad for $2.99.

Image Credit: William Hook

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