Tired Of Missing Calls On Your iPhone? Turn On LED Notifications Instead Of Vibrate

Missed calls, missed sext messages, missed, missed, missed. I’m always missing things because my phone seems to prefer a silent state these days, even when I swear I have the ringer on. It’s annoying. Did you know that you can force iOS to flash your LED when you have an incoming alert? The LED won’t flash constantly, but it will give a short triple burst to show you that an alert has been sent in your direction. The LED will constantly pulse while the phone is ringing though, so that’s one general exception to the rule.

Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Turn off all of your vibrating settings in Settings, Sounds.
  2. Turn off Vibrate on Ring, and Vibrate on Silent.
  3. Now, click Settings, Accessibility, and toggle LED Flash for Alerts to ON.

One problem, obviously, is that you need to put your phone down screen first on a surface, which invites a lot of potential for scratches. That said, I rarely miss calls these days, and I no longer get distracted by a vibrating phone in my pocket, as fun as that sounds to most of you guys. Another obvious downside, my genital region now glows on occasion. Well, I guess that could be an upside too. Depends on how you look at it.

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