Tip: How To Sync Passbook Passes From Your Mac To Your iPhone

Apple’s Passbook feature has been one of the more exciting features of iOS 6, but have you ever wondered how to sync a pass or ticket you bought online from your Mac to your iPhone? Well, here’s your answer, and it’s actually pretty easy to do.

The first thing to know is that you have to be using Safari 6 on OS X 10.8.2, and the Passbook’s iCloud setting has to be enabled on your iPhone for it to work. So here’s how to sync Passbook passes from your Mac to your iPhone. You can go to the PassSource website and create a dummy pass to try it out first.

If you open a Passbook file on your Mac, a download link will pop up. Click on the link and you’ll launch a floating pass, exactly like it would appear on your iPhone. Then click the “Add to Passbook” button on the bottom right corner of the pass, and it’ll shoot upwards ‘into the cloud.’

Wait a few seconds and you should see it arrive in the Passbook app on your iPhone. You don’t have to open it right away, but you’ll get to see it as it slides into Passbook.

And there you have it! Not only does this make it easier for us to buy passes and tickets from our Macs, but it’s also easier for stores to offer passes for Passbook to users while they’re on their Mac. Those who use PCs or non-Safari users will have to get the passes through an attachment or link sent to their iPhone through email.

Source: The Next Web
Image Credit: CNET News

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