This New Electronic Pet Needs Your iPhone To Come Alive

Were you obsessed with your Tamagotchi pet when they took the world by storm back in the nineties? If so, you may want to prepare yourself to be chained to a new electronic pet. Only this time, your iPhone plays the part of the pet.

Bandi, the makers of the annoying addictive Tamagotchi pets, has announced a new toy known as the Smartpet. The Smartpet is a robotic dog that uses an iPhone as its face. A free app allows you to interact with your Smartpet via touch, gesture or voice command. The Smartpet will respond with a variety of facial expressions or by performing tricks.

The Smartpet will be sold in Japan starting on April 24th in both black and white. The price tag is rumoured to be around 6500, equivalent to $78 USD. Although if you add in the cost of the iPhone, this is one expensive toy.

Check out the video below to see the Smartpet in action. The video’s Japanese, but you should be able to get an idea of what these puppies can do.

Source: Bandai

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